Register Now for the AAWD Workshop for Women

We would like to invite you to our Fall 2021 Workshop for Women. This virtual meeting will consist of two Saturday sessions on September 18th and October 23rd, from 10am-2pm EST. Each session will consist of four topics and each topic is worth 1 CEU. You have the opportunity of earning up to 8 CEU’s by attending both sessions! The meeting will be held online through the computer or mobile device, so you can tune in wherever you are.

We encourage our members to register and participate in at least one workshop if both cannot be attended. All registered attendees will have access to recorded workshops after the sessions are completed even if neither sessions are attended. Members who do not register will not have access to recorded webinars.


Featured Speakers and Topics:

Treating Orofacial Pain: Dr. Vanessa Benavent, DDS, MDS, FAGD     Geriatric Dental Medicine: Dr. Kadambari Rawal, BDS, CAGS, FASGD, FICD  
Antibiotic Update: Dr. Erinne Kennedy, DMD, MPH, MMSc     Treating Pregnant Dental Patients: Lauren Gritzer, MPH  
Family Planning and Fertility: Dr. Taniqua Miller, MD, FACOG, NCMP     Treating Special Needs Patients: Dr. Sydnee Chavis, DMD  
Contract Negotiation: Ronette Adams, MS, JD     Forensic Odontology: Dr. Grace Chung, DDS, D-ABFO, AFAAID  


Together we will celebrate 100 years of AAWD, earn continuing education credits, and network within our wonderful dental community. Please stay tuned for further information regarding the Fall 2021 Workshop for Women and updates on the 2022 Reunion Meeting!


Session 1: September 18, 2021 at 10am – 2pm EST

9:45 am All AAWD Speakers and Staff logged into Zoom Eastern Time
10:00 am Welcome – Introduction of Dr. Rawal Dr. Ferguson-Young
10:05 am Dentistry’s Answer to Medical Longevity: Why it’s time for a Paradigm shift? Dr. Kady Rawal
10:50 am Questions Dr. Young
10:55 am Introduction of Dr. Erinne Kennedy Dr. Bergeron
11:00 am Antibiotic Use for Tooth Pain and Intra-oral Swelling: New Guideline Shifts Mindsets in Dentistry Dr. Erinne Kennedy
11:45 am Questions and reminder to participate in SFS 5K Dr. Bergeron
11:55 am Introduction of Dr. Grace Chung Dr. Aguilar
12:00 pm Forensic Odontology Dr. Grace Chung
12:45 pm Questions Dr. Aguilar
12:55 pm Intro of Dr. Vanessa Benevent Anderson Dr. Bergeron
1:00 pm Orafacial Pain & TMD: An Update for 2021 Dr. Vanessa Benevent Anderson
1:45 pm Questions Dr. Bergeron
1:55 pm Closing with reminder to participate in Session 2 on October 23 Dr. Ferguson-Young
2:00 pm End of Session #1  



Session 2: October 23, 2021 at 10am – 2pm EST

9:45 am All AAWD Speakers and Staff logged into Zoom Eastern Time
10:00 am Welcome – Introduction of Dr. Sydnee Chavis Dr. Bergeron
10:05 am Special Care Dentistry: Approach to Providing Dental Care To Patients With “Special Health Care Needs” Dr. Sydnee Chavis
10:50 am Questions Dr. Bergeron
10:55 am Introduction of Ms. Ronette Adams-Taylor Dr. Ferguson-Young
11:00 am Contract Negotiation, Business Negotiation as It Pertains to Women Ms. Ronette Adams-Taylor
11:45 am Questions Dr. Ferguson-Young
11:55 am Introduction of Ms. Lauren Gritzer Dr. Aguilar
12:00 pm Oral Health Care and Pregnancy: Current Treatment Guideline and Anticipatory Guidance Ms. Lauren Gritzer, MPH
12:45 pm Questions Dr. Aguilar
12:55 pm Introduction of Dr. Taniqua Alexander Miller Dr. Aguilar
1:00 pm Family Planning for Professional Women Dr. Taniqua Alexander Miller
1:45 pm Questions Dr. Aguilar
1:55 pm Closing Dr. Aguilar
2:00 pm End of Session #2