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Job Information
Associate Dentist
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Category: Dentist
Zipcode: 54166
Minimum Experience: 1 Year (3+ years preferred due to pace of office, but will consider someone with less experience if they are the right candidate)
Job Status
Job Status: Interviewing
Job Posted On: 2020-01-17
Job Active Until: 2020-05-28

Walsh Dental Group is a busy general practice.  The office is owned by Dr. Ashley Walsh and was purchased from two doctors that retired at the same time.  Originally two separate practices, they were combined into one at the end of 2018 and have been functioning as one office since then.  Dr. Walsh is currently the only dentist in the office and there are four (4) hygienists.  Three (3) of the four (4) are full-time and the fourth (4th) is part-time, working two days a week.  Our services include everything from routine prophylaxis to implant placement.  Dr. Walsh is also Invisalign certified and offers this option to most routine adult cases.  The only procedure not offered at this time is endodontics due to lack of time in the schedule, but Dr. Walsh's goal is ultimately to have all procedures available to our patients in-office.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated dentist that is willing to work in a fast-paced environment.  Candidates should be fast-learners and confident to work independently on cases and solo at least one day a week.  A minimum 3-year clinical experience is preferred but not required for the candidate with the right attitude.  This is a full-time position that requires the dentist to work four (4) days a week for about ten (10) hours a day.  These hours include pre-schedule huddle and administrative time for clinical documentation.  The position does not require management duties (i.e. hiring, payroll, policy creation) but applicants should be comfortable leading a team.  Experience with digital dental software is preferred but not required.


I agree that the information provided in my application and/or resume is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that false statements, omissions, or misrepresentation is sufficient cause for refusal to hire or dismissal from position after employment commences, regardless of when discovered by Walsh Dental Group.

I understand submission of my resume does not obligate hiring by Walsh Dental Group.

If hired I agree to abide by all company rules, policies and procedures, which will be provided to me during my training.  I understand that the company reserves the right to revise any policy or procedure, in whole or in part, at any time and agrees to notify the employee of any revisions made.

If hired, I agree to provide proof of identification and employment eligibility as required by law.


3+ years clinical experience preferred (not required)

Comprehensive treatment planning

Comfortable and confident with general dental procedures (including but not limited to fillings, crown and bridge, and simple extractions)

Active BLS/AED certification

Team-oriented, enthusiastic person

Prefered Skills

Independent clinician

Digital dental softward preferred (not required)

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